Don't go to Bed Angry by Holly Whinney

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Review in the Farnham Herald:

Excellent Drama from the Tilbourne Players

This thriving drama group continues to showcase ever more burgeoning talent. Its latest production of two one-act plays on 14th and 15th September confirmed that the standard of directing, performance and production remains consistently high. Added to this was the thrill of presenting the first ever play of a brand new playwright from Haslemere!

The performance of ‘Don't go to Bed Angry’ was a real live premier! It is the first to be written by Holly Whinney (remarkably only 19 years old!), a former pupil at Woolmer Hill School where she was taught by Ruth Ahmed, who directed the play with her customary inspired vision and attention to detail.

Holly’s inspiration came from her fascination at what people do and don’t say, and the extent to which they hide what is really going on underneath a ‘socially acceptable’ veneer.

The play’s context is dramatic: in less than half an hour, the world will end. It is about to be decimated by an unstoppable colossal meteor. What effect might this have on the conversation when a priest visits his married friends, Tamsin and Mike? They say nothing and everything, too little and too much. They want to drop their masks but if they do, the consequences, even at this late stage, are unbearable.

The three-handed cast were outstanding. All young actors - each brought authenticity and sensitivity both to their individual role and to their relationship with the other two. The chemistry between them was palpable. It won’t be possible to hear Freddie Mercury sing ‘I want to break free’ without picturing Naomi Robertson’s (Tamsin’s) priceless dance moves. Callum Choudhury (Mike) ably portrayed the effect of inner turmoil while attempting to conform to expectations; and Indy Amero (Priest)’s nuanced performance somehow managed to give expression to the unsaid. All three brought well executed comic timing into the poignancy of their ordeal.

Holly Whinney, you have done so well to produce a piece of this quality. More please!

And so much credit to Ruth Ahmed who, as well as directing, has taught three of the young actors at her drama groups - First and Second Act for ages 7 – 16. Budding thespians out there, this is the place to learn!


Credit too to the stalwart production team, led by the Players’ chairman, Rob Durrant, who all work tirelessly behind the scenes as well as providing the audience with fish and chips! Next production: Agatha Christie’s ‘Witness for the Prosecution’ 22nd – 24th November. You will not want to miss it!

Jane Quicke

Don't go to Bed Angry was directed by Ruth Ahmed