'Prologues' One-Acts by Alan Goodchild

Three contrasting One-Act plays, specially written for the Tilbourne Players by local author Alan Goodchild

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Review in the Farnham Herald

The evening of Wednesday 5th July, 2023 saw the world premiere of three one act black comedies written by local playwright Alan Goodchild, presented under the umbrella title of Prologues. Each of them explored the consequences of previous failings of human nature and how love in its many forms resolves, redeems and repairs. Speed Dating, Feet to the Fire and Phoebe were all, in different ways and to different degrees, funny, warm, surprising. All of them were a true reflection of human relationships.

Tilbourne Players put on a night that felt like a celebration, there was a real buzz of anticipation – what would this unknown work be like? By the end of the first play, we had our answer – absolutely terrific. Alan’s stories are engaging enough, but it is his dialogue that really sparkles, great one-liners, real conversations, tangible emotions. The simple staging of set, light and sound effects gave us just enough context, these plays don’t need frills. They need natural, affecting performances, which is exactly what they got.

The ensemble casts did a magnificent job. It’s wrong to single performers out in a local production like this, where the cast is made up of some clearly very experienced and some new very talented actors. It’s enough to say that the mix worked very well indeed – with some shining examples of the art in each piece.

After the second play, there was an extended interval with a cheese and wine gathering in an adjoining room, the sense of celebration heightened. The talk was excited and full of praise, the audience was having a great time. By the end of the third play, a deeply moving and beautifully written and acted story, Tilbourne knew without doubt they had a success on their hands. It takes extraordinary teamwork and a sort of alchemy required to make a successful production. It all starts with good writing, from that comes the inspiration for all the hard work that follows. Congratulations Tilbourne Players – you got it right – and congratulations Alan – more please.

Rena Bassar